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HMS Victory is available for selected media use. All enquiries need to be directed to our PR department

HMS Victory is now available for selected privileged hire, and there are 4 spaces that are available.
Nelson’s Great Cabin will accommodate up to 22
Hardy’s Cabin will accommodate up to 18
The Lower Gun Deck will accommodate up to 102
The Quarterdeck will accommodate up to 120

Vice Admiral Nelson’s Great Cabin
This occupied one quarter of the Upper Gun Deck, and is where Nelson would have lived in relative comfort during his time as Admiral in command of the Fleet.

Events within this space are once in a lifetime experiences, remembered by all of those who have attended, indeed exceeding even the highest of expectations.

Clients are involved at all stages of the arrangements for events, to ensure that we deliver the bespoke event that they require, providing an experience that will remembered.

Hardy’s Cabin
Captain Thomas Hardy was the Captain of HMS Victory, known as the ‘Flag Captain’. Hardy’s cabin is located at the rear of the Quarterdeck, and was the
tactical control room for the whole ship.

The cabin is not as spacious or luxurious as that of Nelson, but it conveys all of the rich history and heritage of the ship.

It is beautifully laid out with authentic period and reproduction furniture, as well as an array of original artefacts.

The Lower Gun Deck
The Lower Gun Deck allows guests the chance to dine at mess tables, where in the past the crew of Victory would have eaten their rations, slung between the 32-pounder guns. These were Victory’s heaviest guns, each weighing in at 3.75 tons, including their carriage.

Dining on the Lower Gun Deck is a completely different experience to that of the Great Cabin, less luxury and opulence, but arguably a more ‘authentic atmosphere’, set in perhaps the most wonderfully evocative area of the ship, full of the atmosphere of how the lower rates would have lived and dined.

The Quarterdeck
Stand in the open air, at the heart of HMS Victory’s command and control centre and enjoy a reception for up to 120 on the Quarterdeck. Take your mind back to that fateful day on 21st October 1805, and try to imagine how history unfolded, standing on the very spot where Vice Admiral Nelson fell.

It is hard to convey the rich history and heritage that we have to offer, without arranging a site visit and walking through the experience, so please get in touch and we would be only too willing to facilitate your needs.

For more information please download the brochures, but please note that these are for guidance purposes only, and that we are happy to discuss and design bespoke events:

HMS Victory Corporate Brochure
HMS Victory Lower Gun Deck Brochure

Please contact Giles Gould on 02392 727583 or

Prices are available on application, and a 15% discount to charitable organisations or a 25% discount to naval charities is available.