Main Capstan

  • Present at Launch - No
  • Present at Trafalgar - No
  • Present Pre-1923 - No
  • Completeness - No. It is a non-working replica

Victory has two capstans, the main capstan and the jeer capstan. The main capstan is located towards the stern (back) and was originally used to raise the anchors. The main capstan is now a non-working replica made in the 1920s.

These large rotating structures extended down through the decks and could be turned by the crew to lift heavy weights. The drumheads (top part) of both capstans can be found on the middle gun deck.

The capstans show how a simple mechanism can multiply human power. They also provide an insight into the brute force required to run the ship, and the extent to which the Navy could call upon the crew to handle heavy weights.