Starboard Entrance Port

  • Present at Launch - No
  • Present at Trafalgar - No
  • Present Pre-1923 - No
  • Rarity - A unique hand-crafted replica. Although not original, it demonstrates a continuity of specialist dockyard skills.
  • Completeness - Modern replica

In 1923 it was noted that the original carved oak starboard entrance port canopy was badly decayed and recommended it needed replacing as part of the restoration work. By 1990 this replacement had also become rotten. In many places it was only held together by the thick layers of original old black lead paint.

The new entrance port canopy was completed in 1992. It is hand-carved from seasoned mahogany, a tropical hardwood that is expected to be more long lasting than the original oak. It demonstrates a traditional craft skill that can be traced back to Victory’s launch.