• Present at Launch - No
  • Present at Trafalgar - Yes
  • Present Pre-1923 - Yes
  • Rarity - Unique, those that survive
  • Completeness - 13 out of 104

Victory was designed as floating fortress. At Trafalgar in 1805 she carried 104 guns, but by the time she was brought into dry dock in December 1922 very few of those guns remained on board. Their total weight was enormous – 84 tons on the lower deck, 70 tons on the middle and 52 tons on the upper.

Commanders and crews constantly changed the way the guns were arranged and fired. They experimented with where they were placed on the different decks, the distribution of weight, how they were aimed and the best way to engage the enemy. They varied the types of shot used and the way the powder magazines were protected and experimented with the safest way to get gunpowder to the guns. They also modified the ways of making sure the cartridge detonated as firing mechanisms improved.

The guns on the dockside surrounding Victory mostly date from 1847.

The locations of the Trafalgar guns that remain on-board Victory:

Lower Deck, Long 32lb, pre 1805

  • Station 44-47 port
  • Station 60-63 port
  • Station 68-71 port
  • Station 77-80 port
  • Station 44-47 Starboard
  • Station 52-55 Starboard
  • Station 60-63 Starboard
  • Station 68-71 Starboard
  • Station 86-89 Starboard

Middle Deck, Long 24lb, pre 1805

  • Station 40-43 Port
  • Station 48-51 Port
  • Station 40-43 Starboard

There are also two long 24lb guns on the dock that are thought to pre-date 1805.