Deck Planking - Lower Gun Deck and Orlop

  • Present at Launch - Yes
  • Present at Trafalgar - Yes
  • Present Pre-1923 - Yes
  • Rarity - Unique
  • Completeness - almost 100% on lower gun deck, 60% on orlop

The lower gun deck was the home for most of the ship’s crew. Many of them ate their meals, slept, were injured, deafened or killed on these planks. What we can see today are the same unpainted surfaces that they would have seen. The timbers of the lower gun deck provide a direct link with Victory’s crew.

There are around 500 planks on the lower gun deck and they are thought to be almost 100% original to launch. Below the lower deck is the orlop, where there are another 500 to 600 planks. 60% of these pre-date 1923 and could in part, also be original to launch.