Stern Timbers

  • Present at Launch - Yes, mostly. There might have been some replacement of timbers when the open stern galleries were removed in the late 18th century.
  • Present at Trafalgar - Yes, mostly
  • Present Pre-1923 - Yes
  • Rarity - It is unique
  • Completeness - 90% or more

The stern is at the aft (back) of the ship. It is possibly the most complicated structure within Victory’s hull. The entire structure is built around the stern post, and the upright frames extending from the keel.

From the keel to the top of the stern post there are 12 horizontal timbers called transom beams. The upper 8 transom beams are oak. The lower four are modern teak replacements.

The stern galleries, with their glazed windows, are built onto this main structure. They will have been repaired and replaced over the years.